DAY 16:

One whole year

We went through hell and back

In the course of one year

There were so many obstacles in our way

So many times we should have just given up

So many moments where we both exhausted our options

It was clear our future together wasn’t going to work

It was clear no one would ever be okay with us dating

It was so damn obvious

But we stuck together

Because it was worth it

Because we had true feelings

Because in the end it was going to be worth

In the end we were going to be the “it” couple

We were going to prove everyone wrong

And most of all,

We were going to be happy

Because when the world was tearing us down

When life was becoming beyond complicated

The two of us could make it all okay

We could make one another happy

We were each others rock

We were best friends

You were my best friend

And you left me without a conversation

You left me without one word

As though I wasn’t even worth an explanation

I didn’t even deserve another excuse

All I got was a horrific, heart wrenching silence

And that silence drove me crazy

It had me calling you when I had too much to drink

It had me texting you

It had me doing things I had never done before

It had me feeling things I had never fealt

And though thats embarrassing for me,

How else was I supposed to react?

Did you expect me to just understand

To read your mind?

It has been weeks and you have said nothing

The last time we looked one another in the eye I saw a flare of anger

A flare of annoyance

A flare of hurt

And a part of me died

Because I didn’t understand what I had done to you

You made crazy assumptions that I was seeing other people

That I was talking to your friend

Which is funny considering you were seeing someone else the whole entire time we were talking

So here I am

Walking blindly

Guiding myself through the darkness

Through the darkness you casted upon me

Alone with these thoughts

Alone with this confusion

The darkness you dumped me in

Left me here

To pick up the pieces

To pick up these clues

But they are sharp

And they are painful

And dark

They are colored with anger

And infused with deceit

Tainted with bitterness

And they hurt

And the worst part is

I am pretty sure they are meant to hurt me


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