DAY 18:

Love either makes you incredibly strong

Or it makes you incredibly weak

It can build you up

And make you so happy you feel like you could fly

It can make you see things brighter

Make you run faster

Make you work harder

Make you smile wider

Make you the best version of yourself

But there is also love that can make you weak

It can break down your walls

Sneak into your deepest fears

It can make you delusional

It can make you unreasonable

And unrealistic

It can make you crazy

And some people need that

They need that to find themselves

They need someone to pry at them

Pry until the raw version of themselves is exposed

A version of themselves they knew existed

It can strip down the insecurities

And the pain

And the past

And it can heal the cracks from past heartbreaks

Love can make you

Or love can destroy you

You have destroyed me

And its the heartbreak from being in love that changes you

It makes you bitter

And sad

And angry

And disgusted

And hard

And cynical

It changes you

And I don’t know that i’ll ever see the same

I feel like I need to go out and find myself again

A part of me wishes I’d never met you

A part of me knows I was supposed to

You have a part of me now

Take care of it

And one day,

Please give it back

I want to be whole again.


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