DAY 41:

And I see now it’s my fault

For every time I closed the door,

I left it cracked for you

So when you wanted you could push it open

With little to no effort

That way I looked as though I was being strong

I was closing the door

Ending things

I see now I should have slammed it shut

And threw away the key

So if you did come you would have to bang it down

You would have to use all your force

Get creative with it

But that would take effort

And we both know you don’t exert effort when it comes to me

Because I made it easy

But the door is closed now

It’s completely shut

And I’m not strong enough to throw away the key

Because I clearly still want to peak and see whats on the other side

But everyday I will put new boards up

And I will install bars

And one day I’ll hide the key where no one can find it

Not even me 



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