DAY 46:

Every scar has a story

Sometimes we forget they’re even there

Until someone asks

Or something reminds you of them

A permanent reminder of the pain endured

A story we will never stop telling

A memory that will never fade

The bruises and the scratches

Those heal

Just give them a little bit of time

A bandaid or two

And your skin is back to new

But you don’t mend scars

You cant erase them

You stitch them up

And wait for them to heal

And then they’re just there

Eventually they don’t hurt

Not even a little

Maybe if they’re poked and prodded at

But for the most part they’re just…


Scars remain because something happened to you

Something happened to you and it was so important

It hurt so much

It did so much damage to you

There wasn’t any drug

Any pill

Any treatment

That could make it go away

We live and die with these scars

Sometimes they make us want to hide

Sometimes they are huge

And they are painful to look at

But they are a part of you

And they are never going away

Some people hide behind their scars

They make them weak

Some people bury their scars

They make them vuldernable

Some people wear their scars

They make them strong

These wounds are going to be carried from relationship to relationship

From move to move

From age to age

They shape us

They change us

Change us forever 

Our physical makeup will never be the same

Thats what happens in life though

Life hurts you

Love destroys you

People inflict pain upon you

Your body endures so much with age

You get burned from putting yourself out there

From allowing yourself to be in a situation in which you can get hurt

From letting someone into your heart

From taking chances

And trying to make your days worth it

But if you didn’t do these things

You wouldn’t be living

You would be scared

You would be sheltered

And life would slowly pass you by

So if you’re hurting

If your scar is fresh

And it is bleeding

And it hurts

And it’s painful

I guess just try to think about how it won’t hurt one day

Think about your other scars and how you’ve learned to live with them

Your body can handle so much pain

Your mind is so incredibly strong

But it hurts now

So let it hurt

But keep in mind the fact that you wouldn’t be living

If you didn’t feel

If you didn’t take chances

I hope one day I can embrace the scar you left

But right now its still tender

I’m working on stitching it up

And soon you’ll be nothing but a story

They story behind the scar



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