Day: It doesn’t even matter anymore

I am smiling at myself because seeing pictures of you no longer makes me cry anymore

The thought of you isn’t controlling my life

It still stings and it still hurts, yes, but it isn’t excruciating

And I see now it is a pain, a loss, I can live with

Seeing you with her doesn’t ruin my whole entire day

It doesn’t leave me thinking about you for hours

It doesn’t make me want to stay inside and cry and be alone

It stings and then slowly…it goes away

And I smile

I smile because it feels so good not to cry over you

It feels so good to see you and not want to punch something

It makes me so happy to finally be sane once more

To finally be taking the time to find myself again

Moving on is a different process for every single person

It can take hours, days, months, years

And while I am not completely healed, I am close

I no longer wonder what you’re doing or if you’re thinking about me

It just doesn’t matter anymore because I am finally over wasting time and energy on you

Moving on is possible

I am living proof that if you are hurt right now it is going to be okay

But take your time like I did

If it meant something to you it will take time

So let its run its course

But don’t let it become the course of your life

Don’t let it decide the roads you walk

Let it wash over you

Let it sink in

And then let it go and allow yourself to live once more

You can do it

Believe me, there is more than this

There is more then him or her or it


I believe in you because I did it

I finally did it.


PS: I will be starting a personal blog about lots of other things other than moving on because I have finally found I have so many other things to write about.

That is the website follow me if you wish!


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